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Roger Steinbrecher Integrity Award

Awarded to Alaskan coaches demonstrating outstanding sportsmanship, leadership, camaraderie, and respect. 


Award Winners

The AABC Integrity Award is given annually to an Alaskan coach who has demonstrated the following ideals/characteristics: 

Sportsmanship- behavior that is ethical, appropriate, polite, and fair. He/she has followed all of state athletic association rules, and is gracious in victory or defeat.

Leadership- teaches life lessons and model’s character traits like honesty, respect, and personal responsibility.

Camaraderie- is a positive force in the coaching community whose interactions with fellow coaches help to promote fellowship and the game of basketball. 

Respect- consistently maintains a positive approach in his/her interactions with their own team, game officials, opposing players/coaches, and fans



Barb Lyons

Valdez High School




Chuck Boerger

Adak, Seward, Grace Christian School



Curtis Berry

Seward High School 


Steinbrecher Stadium, Seward, Alaska